Very useful tips to help select the right gluten free foods

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Nov 16 2015

Very useful tips to help select the right gluten free foods

One of the best ways to stay away from all the damages caused by intolerance is to stay away from foods that contain appreciable quantities of gluten. If you want to succeed with gluten free plan then you need to understand what gluten is, what foods contain them and where you can find them. As most food items these days contain gluten in them, you need to be able to read the labels properly to ensure they do not cause any harm to you in the future.

Given below are some very useful tips you can make use to help yourself find the foods that gluten free:

Tip 1: – It is important to understand what food items contain gluten and what do not. There are food items that contain ‘traces’ of gluten. Normally, certain sauces, condiments and processed foods contain small amounts of gluten in them. On the other hand, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables do not contain gluten in them and therefore they can be consumed without any fear. In general, it is better to rely on fresh and unprocessed foods if you want to stay from gluten.

Tip 2: – Make sure to check the list of ingredients against the items in your grocery checklist. This will help you identify the items that may possibly contain gluten and weed them out of your shopping cart.

Tip 3: – As far as possible, try including food items that contain corn and rice. Other starch items you can consider including in your plan are ? arrowroot, potato, legumes, soy and tapioca.

Tip 4: – It is not just the food items even non-food items can contain gluten in them. Therefore, those non-food items that can come into contact with your mouth, like toothpaste, drugs, balms, lipsticks, etc need to be checked for their components. It is seen that people with serious allergies tend to react adversely to gluten content in these items. If possible, also try avoiding items that contain malt, spelt, farina and bulgur.

Tip 5: – If you shop regularly in a supermarket then watch out for specialised shops or areas which only serve natural meals or non-gluten products that help people with food sensitivities to choose foods based on their needs. Places like these are more likely to provide you with foods that do not contain gluten in them. If possible, ask the store manager to provide you with a list of non gluten foods or meals available at the store to simplify your shopping endeavour.

Tip 6: – It is important to study the ingredients in the foodstuffs you procure from outside. It could be starchy foods, veggie gum, soya sauce, cereals and flour products, hydrolyzed veggie proteins, etc. Also watch out for certain terms that are commonly associated with meal items, like plant proteins, stabilizers, and emulsifier, etc as they may indicate the presence of gluten.

Changing your diet plan is never easy. This is especially so if you are trying gluten free foods for the first time. But with sufficient creativeness, tolerance and time, you will get adjusted to the new diet plan and feel comfortable with it. The above tips should help you immensely in selecting the gluten free foods that should ideally go into your chosen diet plan.