Japanese Food

Japanese food
Gluten free

Do you love Japanese food but are not sure how it works with a gluten-free diet?

We break down the most popular Japanese dishes for you.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup made with broth and miso.

Japanese Short-Grain Rice

Rice is a grain that is a staple of the Japanese diet.


Soba are noodles made mainly from buckwheat. The noodles include wheat …


Ramen is a noodle dish made with Chinese noodles and various ingredients in a …


Udon is a noodle made from wheat flour. The wheat flour is first kneaded and then …


Sushi is probably the most well-known Japanese food.


Tempura is made by deep frying vegetables and seafood that has been battered with …

Grilled Fish

Japanese enjoy grilled fish in many styles such as teriyaki, which is also popular outside …


Yakitori are Japanese skewers made by securing meat (typically chicken) and …


Soy sauce is a flavoring widely used in Japanese cooking.


While it is typical to eat pickles with rice, some people enjoy them as a side dish when …