4 Celebrities Who Live Gluten Free

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Nov 07 2015

4 Celebrities Who Live Gluten Free

Many of us know by now that leading a gluten-free life can improve cholesterol levels, promote digestive health and increase energy levels. But did you know that removing gluten from your diet may also decrease your chances of acquiring diabetes and increase your efforts for losing weight? Maybe that’s why so many celebrities have now gone gluten-free. Here are four celebrities that have embraced gluten-free living.

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
This well-known talk show host went gluten-free after suffering from digestive health problems and severe pains on a daily basis. It was after she joined the competition series “Survivor: The Austrailian Outback,” that she noticed her symptoms improving since wheat wasn’t accessible to her at the time. Now a typical diet for her includes items such as spinach, hummus, chicken and strawberries. She’s also developed a gluten-free protein bar called the NoGii Bar and indulges in gluten-free pizzas.

2. Drew Brees
This New Orleans Saints quarterback started feeling lethargic back in 2004 and was concerned his performance level on the field would drop as well. So he decided to get tested for food allergies along with his wife and discovered he had sensitivities to dairy, gluten and even some nuts. Now he enjoys many gluten-free foods and particularly, likes the line of So Delicious products, which include coconut milk, yogurt, coffee creamer and ice creams. He also went so far as to join the So Delicious Dairy-Free team back in 2012 to help educate people on food allergies and sensitivities.

3. Lady Gaga
This pop singer and songwriter wanted to lose weight and gain energy for an international tour she was on, so she decided to take on a gluten-free diet. Instead of indulging in junk foods, wheat and candy, she switched to gluten-free foods such as fish, chicken and vegetables. Now she likes gluten-free cookies and once a week, she’ll have a potato or serving of rice. Though some skeptics state a gluten-free diet doesn’t promote weight loss, it was rumored she was able to shed ten pounds this way, so she encouraged her back-up dancers to go gluten-free as well.

4. Bill Clinton
This former President of the United States gave up junk foods like donuts and lowered his cholesterol, back in 2004, after recovering from a quadruple bypass. Then in 2010, he had to have a couple of stents put in to open a vein from that procedure and it encouraged him to cut out other items as well. He not only cut out meat, he decided to take on a gluten-free lifestyle as well. Now he drinks a lot of protein shakes and almond milk and eats fruits, vegetables and beans. In fact, at his daughter Chelsea’s wedding, the cake served to her guests was gluten-free so he could enjoy some as well. Not only does he claim to feel good and have more energy, but he believes being gluten-free is helping to reverse the damage done to his heart and blood vessels, as well, due to cardiovascular disease.