Looking forward to losing weight? Why not try gluten free diet?

Nov 16 2015

Looking forward to losing weight? Why not try gluten free diet?

You may have tried out many ways to lose weight and may have been unsuccessful at them. A gluten free diet is what you can seriously consider if you want to lose weigh successfully and in a healthy way at that. But before you get down trying out this diet, you need to understand what gluten is and what foods are rich in gluten so they can be eliminated from your diet altogether.

In simple terms, gluten can be referred to as a complex protein that is naturally available across a number of foods we consume on a daily basis. Rye and wheat are among foods that have appreciable quantities of gluten in them. Bread is another important food item whose main component is gluten. It is this component that makes bread rise and stretchy.

So which other foods are rich in gluten content?

Well, it is not just wheat that contains large quantities of gluten. There are many other foods that are rich in gluten. Some of these are:

・Certain cereals like farina and barley are known to have appreciable quantities of gluten in them.

・All food stuffs whose main component is wheat, like flour, doughnuts, pasta, cakes, breads, cookies, spaghetti and many others are rich in gluten.

・Most of the processed and refined food products like hamburger, sausages, pizza, chips, soups, salami are rich in gluten.

So now you know that most of the food items that we consume on a regular basis have high portions of gluten in them. Therefore, if you want to try out a gluten free diet, you need to make sure that these food items are not made available to you or you do not try them out during the course of your diet.

Gluten free foods that can be included in your diet!

If you think there are no food items you can binge on while you are on gluten free diet, then you are wrong! There are enough foods that do not have gluten in them and you can always try them out to be successful in your weight loss campaign.

・Some of the most common cereals like quinoa, rice, millets and amaranth do not have components like gluten in them. Therefore, you can consider including them in your diet.

・Fresh vegetables and fruits too do not have gluten and can be tried out any time.

・Legumes and nuts too can be included in your gluten free diet.

・Other popular food items that you can try out are sorghum, yams, arrowroot and potatoes.

You will be glad to know that in recent years the food manufacturers have even come out with their versions of gluten free cereals, biscuits, breads and even desserts. You should easily be able to find these foods in the market and have them included in your gluten free diet!

Points to be remembered before you try out gluten free diet

・Certain people are known to suffer from gluten allergy and gluten intolerance. These people need to go on gluten free diet and keep themselves away from conditions like celiac disease ? a condition wherein the person is unable to absorb the nutrients present in the foods.

・Several studies have shown that while you are on a gluten free diet, you actually end up having healthier food items. This will in turn help you lose between 15-20 pounds at the end of the first month of your diet.