About us

– Our Mission –

To help people living gluten-free to find good choices of food in Japan.

Dear friends who live gluten-free

Gradually people are becoming aware of the word “gluten-free” in Japan but still many of them are not. Food products in stores or menu in restaurants are not labeled to show whether they include gluten or not, not like in the U.S. or other europian countries.
However, as Tokyo 2020 Olympics are coming up, more and more foreigners are expected to visit Japan and there will be a greater need to search for gluten-free foods. That’s why we have started this website. We hope that our information will help you find good foods here in Japan.

Dear restaurants which serve gluten-free foods

The second mission of this service is to help the restaurants which serve gluten-free food to get known by people who need them.
As you know, the market of gluten-free is getting stronger step by step, but still it is not quite strong enough. It might be hard to get customers or let them know about your restaurants.
We would love to help you become much easier to find for the customer. Please let us know about your restaurants.

– Information –

Operating Company
Neutral Works Inc.
Satsuki Miki

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– Disclaimer –

Although we do our best to provide good information through this website, we have no guarantee of the contents being accurate, applicable, or complete. We do not take any responsibility for any users who use the information on our site. We may at times remove, delete or change information on the site. We thank you for your understanding.