Top 5 gluten-free gifts you can give to your loved ones

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Nov 16 2015

Top 5 gluten-free gifts you can give to your loved ones

If you are considering gifting your loved one something special, something gluten-free, there are a few recommendations. These gifts are perfect for all occasions and are readily available across most marketplaces.

1] Food carriers and containers

A] Lunch containers – When you go gluten-free completely, you will be required to cook your own food and more often than not, you need to carry your cooked food wherever you go. This is where lunch containers can be of immense help. These containers or food carriers are ideal gifts for your loved ones. All they need to do is cook food according to their diet plan and transport them anywhere using these options.

B] Insulated food carriers ? The good news for individuals that are going gluten-free and are always on the move is that there are a variety of insulated good carriers available across stores these days. And if you want to stay stylish even while using these carriers, there are plenty of options available to you as most of these carriers come in different styles, sizes and shapes. You will easily be able to find one carrier that will suit the personality of an individual whom you are considering gifting.

C] Leftover storage ? Using the same old plastic containers can easily lead to cross contamination. Therefore, if you are considering gifting something useful to person who is going gluten-free then check out plastic containers that are now available in assorted sizes. If the family you are gifting to is a mixed one then consider giving them a storage option that is made of glass as they aren’t porous and do not lead to cross contamination.

D] Reusable ice packs ? This is one of the best gifting options available to you! The fact that they are available to you in different sizes and shapes makes it an ideal gifting option to anybody and for all occasions.

2] Gluten-free books

It does not matter what the age is of the person whom are gifting, books are a safe bet. There are plenty of gluten-free books available that you can pick any of them. If you already know the preferences of the person, you may as well consider gifting a book that provides valuable information on matters that will have a positive impact on the person. Consider giving him/her a baking book or a medical book or a cookbook. You can even go online to search for these options!

3] Gift baskets

For individuals just starting out with gluten-free foods it can be pretty tough to get going with them initially. This is where you can help them by providing them with gift baskets as they already come with food items that are gluten-free. These days, you will easily find ‘make your own’ gift baskets or ‘take a break from cooking’ gift baskets that can be given as gifts.


4] Bread machine

If the person whom you are gifting loves baked products then considering gifting him or her a bread machine that is specifically designed to produce gluten-free bread quickly and easily. You will easily find these machines in the market these days. All the person needs to do is to dump in gluten-free ingredients in them and allow the machine to mix them, rise and bake the bread automatically!

5] New Dishes and bowls, baking pans and utensils

Gifting new dishes and bowls, baking pans and utensils is always a good idea. People who have been using old utensils and baking sheets need to realize that any tiny scratch in them may allow cross-contamination of gluten items, if they are already present in them. Therefore, these old utensils will not be ideal to lead a gluten-free lifestyle. The need of the hour is to make use of new stuffs made out of glass that will not allow cross-contamination.