Traveling by Air? Consider going Gluten-Free

gluten free airline meals
Jul 11 2016

Traveling by Air? Consider going Gluten-Free

Autoimmune disorders like the celiac disease that a vast majority of people suffer in this world starts in the small intestine as it gets agitated by a protein called gluten that is largely found in food stuff like rye, wheat, oats, and barley.

Therefore, as a common advice given to most celiacs, it is better to away from foods like these or their derivatives. Even when you’re eating out in restaurants or traveling by air, it is better to watch out what you’re eating as you’re never sure what goes into making them!


Plan your plane delays better!

If you’re able to catch your flight on time or if your flight is not delayed then there’s nothing much to worry about. But, what if your plane gets delayed and you’re made to wait for long hours in the airport, surrounded by a host of fast-food eating joints? For a celiac, this can indeed be a tricky situation!

This is when your planning capability will be tested. It is the time you explain to the manager about your celiac condition and what you’re expecting from him/her, particularly when it comes to food choices. You need to tell the manager that even a minor mistake, like cooking your food on the grill that was already used for grilling bread buns could trigger an allergic reaction in you.

You need to make sure that the eating place takes extra responsibility and prepares your meal in accordance with your limitations. For example, you could suggest the hotel staff or manager cook your food in a separate microwave or cover your food while it is being cooked so it is less likely to be contaminated by external agents.

Carrying a gluten-free card with you always helps, especially in times like these. But do not forget to speak to the concerned person about your condition as only this way you can be sure of eating right food stuff while you’re waiting for your place to arrive.


Be careful about your gluten-free foods during your air travel


In-flight meals are prepared in thousands in the same factory and therefore, there are high chances that your food could get contaminated with stuff that is allergic to you. Therefore, if there is an option for ordering uncut vegetables or fruits during your air travel that can reduce the risk of contamination then it is advisable that you exercise that option.

However, the good news for all gluten-free conscious travelers is that most airlines these days provide a choice of gluten-free food options to their customers or at least allow the customers to make such a request during their travel.


If you’re still unsure about what you’re eating then it is better to have your queries addressed directly by the airline authorities and make sure they understand your needs perfectly.

As a final step, you can even consider talking to stewards and make them know where you’re seated and about your food preferences. This will enable them to take care of you suitably.