Gluten Free Eating Experience with Family and Friends

with family and friends
Jul 14 2016

Gluten Free Eating Experience with Family and Friends

So many things keep happening in the life of a celiac that it is important to keep checking if everything is fine or not, every now and then. A small mistake or negligence on the part of the person preparing your food could force you to face dire consequences! Just imagine walking into your mother-in-law’s house and being treated to a royal fare!

Would it be possible for you to create a fuss over the items that will be prepared exclusively for you? On certain occasions like these, you’ve no option but to take chances with the food prepared for you and hope nothing worse happens to you!


Making it really easy for you, your family, and friends…

There are chances that your family and friends may not be aware of your celiac condition or the intricacies of your diet, so it helps if you pass on the details of your diet preferences to them so they can help you.

When you discuss your celiac condition with them, there are chances that they’ll take up ‘the challenge’ of preparing gluten-free food for you, each time you’re with them. I personally have tried speaking to a number of friends and family members and have got the kind of food I have been looking for whenever I’ve been with them.


While talking to them about your food preferences and all, see if they’re using any specialized ingredients just for you. Who knows, you could use them on your own when you’re back at your home! Especially watch out for certain items like gluten-free soy sauce, gluten-free pasta, and others as they’re quite popular at homes these days.

What better way to deal with all these situations than to circulate a copy of your eating preferences? Maybe the factsheet that you provide them can serve as a reminder of foods that can be served to you and that can’t be.


Carry along gluten-free factsheet with you always…


When you bring a course with you, it will be much appreciated by your friends and family. This is because their responsibility of cooking the right food will be lessened to a great extent.

One of my friends even went on to cross-check the ingredients list on his mobile while he was shopping for them in a supermarket recently.


Being polite with others is always good, but not to the extent of putting your health to risks. If you feel that an ingredient chosen for you is not gluten-free then the person in a diplomatic way. This way you’ll retain the relationship with the person whilst you take care of your health.

When you’re at special occasions like BBQs, make sure to carry along your own vegetables, meat, or fish, all wrapped in foil. Why should you do this? Just to avoid contamination from an ingredient that contains gluten. There are also chances that an over-enthusiastic chef may fail to prepare foods according to your special requirements.


So, if you’re prepared to take all these precautions, there is no reason you cannot enjoy life just like the way ordinary people do!