3 Ways Gluten is a Bully

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Nov 07 2015

3 Ways Gluten is a Bully

If you saw someone being bullied on the street, you’d step in to help them out, right? Of course you would. But what if the person didn’t know they were being bullied? They wouldn’t ask for help and you wouldn’t know they needed it. That is, in fact, what’s happening to many people when they eat gluten ? they’re being bullied – and gluten isn’t sorry about it. In fact, gluten is often times a tricky bully. Some people get beat up for years by it because they don’t even know gluten is the problem. If you’re one of these people, someone who doesn’t know the ill effects gluten can cause, then read on. Below are three ways gluten may be bullying you.

1. Gluten Messes With Your Body
There are many people out there who feel terrible after eating food that contains gluten. Their blood sugar drops or they feel tired or their stomach starts spinning circles until their head does as well. Some unfortunate members of society also have thyroid problems from it. Gluten can cause your body to attack itself and if your body attacks your thyroid, it can leave you with a whole host of problems. You can get feel nauseous, gain weight, lose your hair and more. Many people even have skin reactions from eating gluten. Remove gluten from your diet and see if you regain your energy. It may take two to three weeks to see results, but be patient.

2. Gluten Messes With Your Wallet
For those who have thyroid issues from gluten, including Celiac Disease, the cost of trying to get diagnosed can be very high. Many doctors don’t think about food allergies and sensitivities being the main cause of someone’s health problems, so they try to eliminate other problems first. This can mean tests, blood work, prescription medications and doctors’ visits. You may also purchase various creams and supplements in an attempt to help your itchy skin clear up. None of this is cheap. Try removing gluten on your own then reintroducing back into your diet after three weeks to a month. If you start feeling sluggish again, remove it from your kitchen indefinitely.

3. Gluten Messes With Your Mind
Do you ever walk into a room then immediately forget the reason why you went in there to begin with? Do you ever forget appointments? Forget what you ate for the day? Gluten is notorious for causing brain fog. Studies are still being done to explain why, but many believe it’s because gluten prevents the absorption of nutrients in the body and if your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs ? Iron, Vitamin D and Folate ? your cognitive function may be limited. One way to test this theory is to purchase a journal and keep track of how you feel after eating foods with gluten. If you start to notice that you frequently get forgetful after eating gluten, try forgetting it altogether. Consider eating whole foods that improve your brain health instead.