8 National Food Chains with Gluten-Free Menus

Nov 07 2015

8 National Food Chains with Gluten Free Menus

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, it’s common to experience some anxiety when eating out. Some foods that would normally be considered “safe” may not be so at that particular restaurant, due to marinades, sauces or seasonings containing gluten that could be added to the dish. Though you may have plenty of time to look over a menu, you may not know what to look for in the description of the item to know if it’s gluten-free or not. That’s why many popular chain restaurants have taken the guess work out of ordering and created separate menus for their gluten-free items. Here are eight national food chains, with gluten-free menus, that are likely to be in your area.

1. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
With over 200 national and international locations that bear their name, you’re bound to find one within driving distance. A note for when you go: Tell your server you’re ordering gluten-free so they can pass the information on to the kitchen. Try the Gluten-Free Singapore Street Noodles.

2. Boston Market
This establishment has locations in over half the country, along with the convenience of a drive-through. When they decided to make their gravy gluten-free, they went ahead and cut the sodium in it in half. If you don’t ‘go gravy,’ think about giving their St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs a whirl.

3. Carrabba’s Italian Grill
You can find this name displayed in at least 33 states. Unlike the restaurants that have separate prep areas for gluten-free items, all of Carrabba’s meals are “prepared to order, under normal kitchen operations,” so keep this in mind before you go. Along with their gluten free menu (choose the Sirloin Marsala) of dinner options, they also have two gluten-free desserts to drool over as well.

4. Ruby Tuesday
These people are everywhere – in at least 775 locations, to be exact. Take a shot on their Avocado Turkey Burger.

5. California Pizza Kitchen
This trendy pizzeria has 270 locations in the United States. I hear their Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage Pizza is great. And all of their gluten-free pizzas are made in a dedicated part of the store, using separate pizza cutters. Who says you can’t have pizza on a gluten-free diet?

6. Ted’s Montana Grill
You can count on 16 states to support this restaurant chain. Why have gluten when you can enjoy their Cedar Plank Salmon instead? And if you go for a burger or steak, keep in mind that they’re cooked to order.

7. Uno Chicago Grill
This chain of restaurants has over 140 locations internationally and is ranked near the top in terms of serving people with food allergies. Stop into one and try their Baked Stuffed Spinoccoli or Uno burger on a gluten-free roll. They also offer online ordering.

8. Chili’s
I want my baby back, baby back, baby back… We all remember this company’s little jingle. And yes, they still have ribs, but for a gluten-free change, it’s safe to try their Caribbean Salad with Shrimp.