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I naturally started to want to start a gluten free cafe for those with wheat allergies. I myself have relatives with wheat allergies and wanting to have them eat many more kinds of delicious food, I decided to open a gluten free import store ‘Sanno Grocery’ one year ago in February of 2012. Gradually, as I irregularly had food tastings and naturally started to want to open a gluten free cafe. I wanted to also provide the space to enjoy the food.

You cannot cancel or change your order on the day you come as we need to prepare in advance.

*Option for Pasta: Soup & Salad (plus 600yen)
Mushroom Cream Spaghetti 1,800yen
Colorful Bell Pepper Cream Spaghetti 1,800yen
Bacon & Eggplant Penne 1,800yen
Tagliatelle w/ Ground Pork and Zucchini 1,800yen
Meat Sauce Tagliatelle 1,800yen
Rocket Salad Pasta 1,800yen
Amatriciana 1,800yen

*Option for Sandwich: Soup & Salad (plus 600yen)
Tuna and Anchovy Ciabatta Sandwich 1,200yen
Poached Egg & Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich 1,600yen
Avocado & Peanut Butter Veggie Sandwich 1,600yen
Ham, Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich 1,400yen

Pancake 1,200yen Waffle 1,200yen
Ciabatta w/ Herb Butter 300yen Raw Zucchini Bread 800yen
Brown Rice Veggie Rolls 1,200yen Soup & Salad Set 800yen

Green Smoothie 600yen Elderflower Drink 300yen
Coffee 400yen Herbal Tea 400yen
Cafe Au Lait 500yen Earl Grey Tea 400yen
Espresso 600yen Hot Chocolate 600yen

By Train
Take the North Exit of JR Omori Sta. Go straight on German St. At the bridge, turn right. Go straight along Sanno Elementary School while seeing the elementary school at your left side. Turn right at the first corner where you will see a hair salon. Turn left at the first corner and go straight. Gluten-free café EAT TOGETHER will be at your left side, approximately 5th house from the last corner. About 5 min walk from JR Omori Sta.

By Car
We do not have a parking space for guests. Please park your car on German St. or in a nearby pay parking lot. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation.

EAT TOGETHER is a “reservation only” café and gluten-free foods at Sanno Grocery are sold mainly online. So if you would like to visit us, please call us in advance to make sure we are open.




gluten-free café EAT TOGETHER
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gluten-free café EAT TOGETHER
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gluten-free café EAT TOGETHER

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